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Song of the Day: Talking Heads - Don’t Worry About the Government. Wrapping up CBGB week with one of my favorite bands. Unlike the rest of the bands this week, Talking Heads don’t have a direct link to Television that I know of (though Jerry Harrison was in The Modern Lovers, featured last week). But they did get their start at CBGB, and it’s hard to believe 1977 spawned this album, Marquee Moon, Blank Generation, Damned Damned Damned, (I’m) Stranded, Pink Flag…and that’s just some of 1977’s punk albums.

RIYL The Feelies, XTC, Violent Femmes

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Song of the Day: Patti Smith - Redondo Beach. CBGB week continues with Patti Smith, who dated Tom Verlaine of Television for a few yeas, a fact I did not know prior to reading the 33 1/3 book about Marquee Moon. I didn’t care much for Horses when I heard it as a teen, but now I see why it’s lauded as one of the best albums of the pre-punk (or some might say, any) era.

RIYL Lou Reed, PJ Harvey, Pretenders

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Song of the Day: Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Blank Generation. As I wrote yesterday, Marquee Moon has inspired me to post a week of bands who were part of the early CBGB scene. Richard Hell was not only a significant part of that scene, but he was a member of Television prior to them recording Marquee Moon. He left and released the Blank Generation LP the same year as MM.

RIYL Iggy Pop, Johnny Thunders, Patti Smith

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Song of the Day: Television - See No Evil. I’m about halfway through reading the excellent 33 1/3 book about Marquee Moon, so this week is going to be all about CBGB bands. Since I’ve already shared the title track from this LP (one of the greatest guitar jams of all time), let’s kick things off with the song that kicks off the album.

RIYL Richard Hell, The Velvet Underground, Talking Heads

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