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Song of the Day: Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4 [live]. Speaking as a child of the ’80s, if you told me the band Chicago rocked, I’d have punched you in the face (I mean, have you heard this shit?). But then this week I heard this live version of one of their better known early songs (read: not the ’80s pap), and it is INSANE. Starting at the 3-minute mark, Terry Kath absolutely shreds. So starting now, I will no longer automatically punch you in the face for liking Chicago. Peter Cetera solo, however…

RIYL CSNY, Joe Cocker, Ten Years After

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Song of the Day: Chris Bell - You and Your Sister. While I’m a huge Big Star fan, and I’ve owned Chris Bell’s I Am the Cosmos¬†compilation for years, I hadn’t listened to it much. But this song, the B-side to the only release of his lifetime, is fantastic. It doesn’t hurt that it has Alex Chilton on backing vocals, of course, but it wasn’t until watching the Big Star documentary Nothing Can Hurt Me that I realized how great this is.

RIYL Big Star, The dB’s, Elliott Smith

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